How do universities’ organizational characteristics, management strategies, and culture influence academic research collaboration? A literature review and research agenda

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The article investigates how universities as organizations influence academic research collaboration. In the contemporary science and higher education system, national and supranational governments fund and foster universities to collaborate through specific funding lines and competition in World University Rankings, making it indispensable for universities to demonstrate collaboration at the organizational level. Thus, universities strive to encourage their scientific members to collaborate – and to different degrees – facilitate forms of collaboration. To go beyond the existing literature, this paper firstly develops an analytical two-dimensional framework organizing the literature on four levels of investigation (meta, macro, meso, micro). Based on this framework, the paper presents a literature review of the current state of the art in academic research collaboration. Secondly, the paper establishes a research agenda by synthesizing organizational influences found as organizational characteristics, management strategies, and organizational culture and presents three research avenues for future research. The article concludes that we have only just begun to study the organizational influences of universities (especially the organizational culture) on academic research collaboration and how these organizational categories are interrelated. 

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