Vortragsreihe "Science of Science in the Spotlight"

Seit März 2020 findet an der Universität Luxemburg regelmäßig die Vorlesungsreihe "Science of Science in the Spotlight" statt.

The Science of Science in the Spotlight Lecture Series provides a forum for multi­disciplinary exchange and dialogue across the fields of higher education, bibliometrics, and science studies in Luxembourg. Through international visits and collaboration with leading experts in the rele­vant research fields and disciplines, the Lecture Series offers an ideal platform to bolster Luxembourg’s growing research expertise and current initiatives in the "science of science”, including diverse science and policy communities and the wider public. At the interface of different strands of research that have grown in Luxembourg over the past decade, the lecture series showcases emerging collaboration patterns within Luxembourg, across Europe, and globally. It provides opportunities to discuss cutting-edge research results in this highly innovative multidisciplinary field of research. The lectures stimulate debate on theoretical and methodological approaches and on data acquisition and analysis. Leading researchers visiting Luxem­­bourg will share their knowledge at the intersection of higher education research and science studies, bibliometrics—embedded in social and computational sciences more generally. Discussions relate to such topics as international higher education developments, science capacity-building, scientific knowledge production, research evaluation, collaborative net­works, and researcher mobility. A multidisciplinary series of events, these lectures provide diverse insights and solidify Luxembourg’s networks in this global field of research, to build new relationships, and to encourage a multidisciplinary, interfaculty, and interorganizational exchange with leading researchers from abroad.

For further information, please contact Dr. Jennifer Dusdal (jennifer.dusdal@uni.lu)

Homepage: https://wwwfr.uni.lu/recherche/fhse/dsoc/research_areas/education_society/lecture_series_2020_science_of_science_in_the_spotlight 


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Dr. Jennifer Dusdal
  • Universität Luxemburg
Prof. Dr. Justin Powell
  • Universität Luxemburg